– Useful tips for writing a basic academic essay

keep your essay well-structured and relevant.

Most academic essays contain 5 paragraphs; namely an introduction, three main body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Your head may start spinning after writing a few of these, but there are some handy tips you can follow that will keep your essays readable, relevant, rational, and refreshing.

How to make your essay READABLE

Readability is all about sentence flow, correct language, and using words in their proper order. If your sentences are joined together properly and follow a cohesive string of thought, the reader will be able to read through it quicker, while still retaining the information you’re trying to convey.

Of course, you should also watch out for spelling, grammar, and all those little commas & apostrophes. Sentence length also has a part to play in readability, so make sure your sentences aren’t too long or too short.

Creating a RELEVANT essay

Academic essays usually have strict word count limits; therefore you should try your best to make every word count as best you can. Your teacher or professor will be marking you on every piece of relevant information you put down on paper. To measure relevance, read every sentence individually after your essay is finished. Ask yourself if the information contained in the sentence fits the overall purpose you’re trying to carry across.

It’s good, but is it RATIONAL?

The structure of your essay is also very important. It’s difficult to narrow down a generic rule for all essays, but you can generally be sure that if your essay isn’t a narrative one, then statement, evidence, and discussion is the typical norm. If, however, your essay is narrative (in story format); then your plot should follow a course of setting, event, and result. Keeping this order will help your reader to follow a pattern of thought that relays your story properly.


REFRESHING essays that are unique

Thousands—if not millions—of essays have been written, and professors grow tired of reading the same old thing over and over. If you can submit an essay that is original in its content and refreshing in its approach, then you are sure to score big. This approach can be risky, but you can minimize that risk by getting to know your teacher or professor and finding out how he or she ticks. Then, make an impression by thinking out of the box and handing in something that’s never been seen before.