How To Select Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics For 9th Year Students

Persuasive essays are often given to 9th year students as the most common writing assignments. To prepare a strong paper, students have to demonstrate their analytical, persuasive, and writing skills. You need to select a topic about which you have your own opinion and want to build an argument to persuade the audience to accept it. Remember that you should consider your topic idea carefully, so it’ll be easier for you to write your essay.

You should keep several things in mind when you choose a topic for your essay, including the following:

Choose something that interests you.

Spend some time thinking about subjects that interest you. Consider something you like or dislike that affects your life. For instance, you can write about sports that you’re doing to persuade the readers that exercising is good for their health and well-being. It’s also a good idea to select a topic related to the environment. For example, you can build an argument about whether recycling should be mandatory in every country. Remember that you’ll write with more conviction if you select an interesting subject.

Think about ideas related to technology and innovation.

Usually, technology is a great source of topics for persuasive essays for 9th year students. Technology related topics include a wide variety of different subjects. You can write about growing addiction to social networks, relationship between teenage violence and video games, or an influence of the Internet on how people learn today. You can look around, find a technology that you use every day, and argue why this is the best available option.

Write about issues that you face in school.

Students often write persuasive essays about issues related to education, learning, and schools. For example, you can argue that school lunches should be healthier, classes should start earlier in the day, or students shouldn’t be required to wear uniforms. It’s also a good idea to write about school fees, sports scholarships, and student loans. Choose controversial topics, so you’ll be able to build a strong argument and pick interesting details to support your position.

Watch the news, read a newspaper, or search on the Web.

Some teachers ask 9th year students to consider ideas related to current events. Since there are many controversial problems, you can easily find a topic to debate on. Pay attention to social issues, such as illegal immigration, a new law, or environmental initiatives of the government. The choice of ideas is vast. You can also compose a paper about religious conflicts, same-sex marriage, or gun control initiatives.