The Top 10 Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For High School

A compare and contrast essay allows you to compare two different topics and their composing elements. There are various topics that you can choose, but the most important is to pick similar ones, where you can easily find details to compare. It is not much different than any other essay, so you still need to watch out for the composition elements, for the structure, the language that you use. For this particular type, you need to arrange the specific notions, the differences, and similarities, in logic and pleasant order. If you need some ideas for your topic, here you go:

  1. 1. Communism and capitalism. Discuss the ideologies, the impact that these have on societies and what are the advantages of each.
  2. 2. Homeschooling and traditional school. Each parent can choose the suitable option for his child, but there are pros and cons for each type of education.
  3. 3. Public and private transport. Depending on the country, each has its own advantages. Make a comparison between them and add new, fresh ideas.
  4. 4. Books and movies. Most of the teenagers prefer movies, and if they are reading, they are doing it on electronic devices. Discuss the benefits of each one and what are the differences.
  5. 5. Bulimia and anorexia. Both of these disorders are very common nowadays among young people and pointing out the common and different elements between them could help one of your classmates who is dealing with this.
  6. 6. Online courses and traditional courses. Online courses are more and more popular nowadays because they offer you the chance to choose where you want to study. On the other hand, traditional course are known to be more efficient, especially for young people
  7. 7. Social networks. Pick any two social networks and compare their characteristics, the way they allow you to communicate and their popularity.
  8. 8. Solar energy and traditional energy. While solar energy can prevent pollution, reduce the costs and reach even in the most undeveloped countries, traditional energy is very often causing extreme pollution and damage to the environment.
  9. 9. Roman Empire and British Empire. Both of them had a significant role in history and the conquered far lands, leaving a valuable cultural inheritance. You can also mention the most significant personalities.
  10. 10. Poetry and Prose. Even if both genres have an important contribution to literature, there are notable differences and similarities between them. Introduce quotes from your favorite pieces.