15 Best Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For Middle School Students

Do you need to write a compare and contrast essay? Do you not know where to begin? Perhaps you are having trouble understanding what such an essay even is, let alone know what topic you should write about! Well, have no fear, for there is always help available!

So what is it?

A compare and contrast essay, as you might expect, explores the differences (contrasts) and/or similarities (comparisons) of the given subjects. The (usually) two subjects you choose should be distinct and be able to be compared and contrasted in a meaningful way. For instance, you could choose two multinational corporations and compare and contrast their business strategies in the global market place.

How do I pick my topic?

It may seem that there is such an abundance of subjects to choose from that you are feeling overwhelmed at knowing which topic to select. Well it certainly helps to pick something you are passionate about, as this always comes across in good writing; and it helps to select something you already know quite a bit about. There’s no point in wasting valuable time looking up a subject completely from scratch when you may already have some resources in mind for a particular idea!

To get you started, here are my 15 best subjects for a compare and contrast paper for middle school:

  • The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.
  • Vacationing abroad or at home: which is better?
  • Conventional and alternative medicines.
  • Academic opportunities for the rich and poor.
  • Battery and free range chickens and eggs.
  • Republicans and Democrats.
  • The election voting systems of the United Kingdom and the United States.
  • Private and state run schools.
  • India and Alaska: living and surviving in different climates.
  • The instincts of dogs: wild and tame.
  • Evolution or creation?
  • Islam and Christianity.
  • Living in New York: in the present day and a century ago.
  • Democracy and Socialism.
  • Farmed and free running salmon.

Research more!

If you still do not know what subject to choose, then you can always find more examples of essay subjects to get you thinking. Have a look for past student papers in your campus library, or have a look online. Remember, make sure that you select a compare and contrast subject that you are passionate about, that you are knowledgeable in, and which you can present well, and you are bound to come up with a brilliant paper yourself! Good luck!