Sixteen Interesting Evaluation Essay Topics To Consider

Are you worried because you want to choose a great topic for your evaluation paper? Do you need someone to guide you choose the right topic for your assignment? Do you want to impress your teachers with a winning paper and original ideas? Do you think it is difficult to analyse a subject critically? Do you think evaluation is a rare skill and you may not do well at it?

Well definitely academic assignments need research and dedication. You cannot complete a strong essay or paper if you do not have an interest or motivation to write it. An evaluation essay is a paper where the author states something as good, better, best or worst relative to another thing. Usually the reviews of products, restaurants, books and movies are written in evaluation style. The commentators in the sport matches also have an evaluative tone.

The topic for an evaluation essay

If you are to write a good evaluation paper then you need to divide your subject into easy categories. You can choose a niche between the following

  1. 1. Sports and education
  2. 2. Movies, books and plays
  3. 3. Restaurants and physical places
  4. 4. Social norms and cultures
  5. 5. Policies and theories
  6. 6. Technology
  7. Below is a list of sixteen evaluation essay topics you can choose for your paper

  8. 6.1. The performance of a certain team at a championship as compared to what they were expected from the experts
  9. 6.2. The content of a TV program and if it is good or bad for a certain age group to watch this show
  10. 6.3. The popularity of android games in 2015 versus that of PC games among teenagers
  11. 6.4. The experience of watching a sport match at home compared with that at a bar. Which one is better and why
  12. 6.5. The fans of a certain celebrity during his live show, what should you expect from them and how they behave
  13. 6.6. Obama Healthcare and other policies by Obama administration, why is Obama the most popular leader in world today
  14. 6.7. War on Iraq, how did it effect the economy and the impression of America as a nation
  15. 6.8. Water resources around the globe and their usage
  16. 6.9. Evaluate just in time stock management approach for a manufacturing business
  17. 6.10. Evaluate the trend of junk food restaurants
  18. 6.11. Evaluate sedatives and stress relieving herbs
  19. 6.12. Evaluate technological advancements over the past decade
  20. 6.13. The authority of parents over children
  21. 6.14. Free range parenting
  22. 6.15. Helicopter parenting
  23. 6.16. Single parents