Candyman is one of the finest yet less known American horror movies. The movie is a disturbingly provocative story which brings to life some of the worst nightmares of a human being. It has surpassed the standards of typical scary movies and has set new standards due to its depth and excellence. The key feature of this movie is its immaculate script and the flawless performances of all the main characters. . It explores the subconscious fears of the lead character, the genetic trace memories and historical guilt of slavery from an exaggerated perspective.

The Synopsis:

A mighty supernatural being whose stamping ground is a housing complex named Cabrini-Green in Chicago. He either baits his victims with candy or put blades in treats.

Candyman is brought to the scene by a graduate student Helen Lyle, whose research area is urban legends. She finds out about 26 murders committed by Candyman. Helen learned about his life history through a professor. He was born to a slave. He used to produce high quality portraits and became a famous artist. He fell in love with a white woman but her lover’s father hired a mob that cut his painting hand and replaced it with a hook which was smeared with honey. As a result the bees stung him to death. After his death his corpse was burned and the ashes were scattered in the same area where Cabrini-Green housing complex is located.

Helen along with her friend goes to Cabrini-Green where they find out more about the murders committed by Candyman. She then meets Candyman in a parking garage. He wants to disprove Helen’s claim about him being a legend. Later on Candyman kills Helen’s friend and frame Helen for the murder. Helen is then transferred to a psychiatric hospital where Candyman kills a psychologist and allow Helen to escape. She then goes to Cabrini-Green and finds out that she is the reincarnation of Candyman’s lover. She then tried to free a missing child and confronts Candyman when he tries to burn the residents of the housing complex. She rescues the child and Candyman is destroyed in fire while Helen also succumbs to the fatal injuries. Later on Helen’s spirit is summoned by her husband Trevor who is killed by Helen’s spirit. But actually it is not Helen’s spirit but a subconscious construction of the beliefs of the people who believe this urban legend.


The best thing about this movie is that unlike other horror movies it is not based on the horror movies clichés which revolves around a monster and a beautiful girl with no deep story or character build up but is a very well thought and unique story. It is not just relying on the gore and frightening experiences but on a very good story as well which sets it apart from a typical horror movie.