Writing A 4th Grade Descriptive Essay: Guidelines For Dummies

Are you thinking of writing an impressive descriptive essay for your school? Do you need some expert guidance to be able to come up with a winning paper? Are you worried because you need to write this style of paper? Are you not familiar with descriptive assignments as this is your first time? Do you need to figure out the style in which you will write this paper? Do you think it is difficult to appeal to the reader’s basic senses in your paper? Do you want to write a great paper that will help you score a good grade in the assignment? Do you need high quality examples that will guide you in writing your assignment? Do you need to stand ahead from the rest of your classmates with this paper?

All these questions would definitely bug you because you want to impress your teachers with a high quality essay. A descriptive paper is the kind of assignment in which students need to explain or describe a certain subject for example a physical place, a personality, a memory, a relation or an imagination using five basic senses. It should appeal to the reader in a way that can hook him to the rest of your paper. Generally, there are four different approaches to writing such a paper but the most common is narrative style. In a narrative paper, you need to use the first person and write as a story. You need t engage your readers in your story and make them want more about your topic.

  • The structure of such a paper is same like any other essay you write during your academic career. Your paper will start with an introduction where you will present your topic to the readers and explain the scope of rest of your research. The introduction of your paper is the first paragraph so you need to make sure it is brief, precise, and engaging. Avoid adding any unnecessary details that will ruin the overall impression of your paper
  • The body of your descriptive essay needs to show the major arguments of your paper. You need to make sure that each paragraph is unique in content and ideas and the transition between paragraphs is smooth
  • The last thing in your descriptive essay would be the conclusion where you summarize your assignment and restate the thesis statement