Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan was an American politician, actor and commentator. He was born in 1911 in Illinois. He got into politics in 1967 as the governor of California. He served as the governor up to 1975. In 1981, he was elected as the 40th president of America under the Republican Party. His leadership qualities were easily noticeable earning him leadership roles in the places where he worked before getting into politics. Reagan started as a sports commentator in a radio station after his college education in 1932. In 1937 he became a film actor in the Hollywood where he featured in various major productions. He was elected twice as the president of screen acting guild. He got his national attention in politics in 1964 when he gave his speech in support of then a presidential candidate by the name Barry Goldwater. This earned him support from high profile people which went a long way in helping him win the gubernatorial race for California in 1967.

Achievements of Ronald Reagan

During his tenure as the president of the screen acting guild, Reagan ensured the end of influence of communism in the film industry which had been a thorn in the industry. As the US president, he is remembered for many good things that he did and for policies that he implemented to the interest of the people of America. Among the many economic achievements is the reduction of the tax rates which brought about great economic growth. He also implemented policies which regulated supply for money which reduced the rate of inflation by 8.1%. There was also reduction in government expenditure during his tenure. All these contributed to a growth of the American GDP by 7.9%. Social achievements include his major contribution in fighting use of drugs in America as well as ending the cold war by reduction of nuclear arms and his contribution in bringing down the wall of Soviet Union.

Failures of Ronald Reagan

Despite his successes, Reagan had also failures like any other leader. The major one is that he really upheld his power as a president to an extent that made people view it as misuse of power. He controlled appointments to various posts especially that of Robert Bork to supreme court in 1987. His support for invasion of Israel in 1983 was another big failure for him and the fact that his marines failed during that invasion due insufficient arms.