Child Beauty Pageants

Child beauty pageants are competition shows in which the contestants are kids below the age of sixteen. The participants strut about in various types of clothes – casual wear, swim suits, theme outfits, evening gear and the like. The children have to wear makeup that includes not only chemical cosmetics but false teeth, wigs while they parade on the stage. The collective spirit has given way to the individual brute in rational man that is cannibalizing on its own progeny in a mad orgiastic frenzy.

This game started from the early twenties of the last century as one of the symptoms of the Industrial Age wherein children too came to be roped in for making money; little girls became the sacrificial lamb at the altar of mammon. The trend continues with full throttle despite occasional whimpers as childhood is lost in perpetuity. Today it has become a regular industry holding 250,000 pageants. The flow of dollars is stifling all dissent. America is now selling the idea globally and the middle class in the emerging and developing world is snapping it up as another feather in their cap. Keeping in tune with the death of childhood, chubby baby dolls and teddy bears have now taken a back seat while sophisticated Barbie dolls rule the roost. Boys too are now entering the fray.

Generally the participants have to spend nearly two hours for the pageant; on stage the time is not more than 90 minutes. Talent shows take up two minutes. In Glitz shows the girls follow various routines for each segment of the pageant. The child is trained about making facial expressions. In natural pageants guidelines are different regarding make up and clothing. The children are judged on various points – individuality, poise, capability, self confidence and the like. Within each age group a queen is selected. Lately online beauty pageants are being conducted with the posting of videos and photographs on Facebook. Most of the pageants are held for making money while others make noises about giving proceeds to charity and humanitarian causes.

The trading with children is one of the symptoms, like the gun and drug culture, proliferation of porno among others ailing post the Great War years. The loss is not only for the child (who does not know about it) but for all adults who enjoy rearing and playing around with kids. Motherhood has gone. Why do mothers allow the children to strut on stage? The war yanked the women off the homes. With their exit motherhood lost its hold on the feminine form. A real mother thinks her child to be the very best and never will expose her to competition. Womanhood today is amputated without motherliness and the loss is that of human civilization.