Childhood Obesity

Currently, due to various reasons, childhood obesity is on the increase. Many children are born overweight and grow being obese since birth. Others develop the condition later due to lifestyle factors. Unfortunately, the rise is alarming as obesity is linked to many other health problems and conditions. It is essential therefore the parents learn of childhood obesity and prevention measures. The rise of some obese children needs to start going down now.

Factors Contributing to Childhood Obesity

Most of the factors that contribute to overweight in children are environmental issues. Less healthy foods, for example, is one cause of obesity in children. Parents are today feeding children with unhealthy foods whereas healthy options are available. Healthy food choices are better even for children. Feeding children to too much sugary foods is harmful to the health of children. They contribute to overweight in children. Children who are in children care centers may mainly suffer obesity. They are fed mainly on unhealthy foods due to the lack of policies that govern these care centers. Children do not engage in physical activities, and this raises the risks of obesity. Being in active is unhealthy. These days, children watch TV and play video games when they are free. They have no time for play or socialization. Some have limited access to foods that are healthy and thus have no options. Availability of fast food stores and fewer groceries, especially in slummy areas, leads to the risk of child obesity as they eat unhealthy foods with sugars and fats. Sugar-sweetened beverages for children are unhealthy. These drinks have saturated sugars that cause overweight in children. It is thus important to avoid such drinks. Lack of breast feeding is dangerous. Some mothers do not breastfeed for long enough as required. Instead, they start feeding children to foods that may be sugary and thus unhealthy that consequently leads to overweight in children.

Preventing Childhood Obesity

Curbing childhood obesity is vital as it helps to eliminate risks of conditions such as impaired physical and mental function, high blood pressure, breathing problems and low self-esteem. Parents need to embrace breastfeeding to ensure that children do not get introduced to unhealthy diets. It is also essential for parents to encourage physical exercises in children to help to maintain a good and healthy weight. They should discourage use of TV shows and video games for the free time. Parents also need to provide healthy diets to children to ensure that calorie levels are kept low. Vegetables and fruits should be more in children’s diet.