A List Of Unique Topic Suggestions For A Cause And Effect Essay

An essay is not always going to be a straight recitation of facts. Learning experience in writing comes from being able to explain the idea, do a compare and contrast between one or more subjects, or explain the consequences of certain behaviors. A cause-and-effect assignment will look at a given subject and track it from its origins to final outcomes. It is why something exists and what the consequences of it are. This requires the writer to examine the facts of the beginning and of the end, explaining what happened, all along the way. Here are some cause-and-effect topics.

  • What effect does television have on child cognitive skills?;
  • Effect college has on later income;
  • How blended marriages impact sibling behavior;
  • The consequences of sudden poverty on the family;
  • Parenting and how it affects a boys development;
  • Nutrition and its impact on obesity;
  • Charter schools and later success in college;
  • Drilling wells and women’s rights in Africa;
  • Baby boomers and the need for more retirement homes;
  • Lack of dental care and work absenteeism;
  • The impact of bullying on religious beliefs;
  • Stress and its effect on the blood pressure and its effects on young adults;
  • Braces and the effect on adult self-esteem.

There can be other interesting topics as well to do a cause-and-effect research paper. The real challenge for the student is not just a research to define the origin and the consequence. A good cause-and-effect composition gives demonstration of an understanding of the process. Within the body of the essay factors that influence the outcome may be explored and discussed. The student is challenged to make the text be more than just a dry history from start to finish. Along the way in the paragraphs, it can be demonstrated how the initial cause can be positively or negatively impacted by various outside forces. Consequences and the effects can be fully explored as to both short-term and long-term outcomes. If a student is able to make this essay interesting than it can assure a higher grade for the effort.

This is not necessarily going to be an easy assignment. There is going to have to be research and a careful analysis of what has happened, what is happening, and what the final result will be. It is a form of cognitive skill development that pays off in very substantial benefits. The capability of doing cause and effect analysis is going to help in career such as science, where knowing the origin and the possible outcomes are essential.