How To Find A Strong Argumentative Essay Topic About Marriage In Japan

Writing about marriage in Japan might be a topic you know nothing about. If that is the case, you should do your research before you start this project. In Japan, most marriages are held to Shinto traditions, or some are even held as chapel weddings Christian-style. In ancient Japan, most marriages were arranged. Western ideas of love have influenced modern marriages and how people meet. However, the lines have blurred because parents often consulted their children before making a match, and many young adults would look to parents, role models or teachers to be their matchmaker.

After you have the information you need, it is important to outline your paper. If you have a plan, you will be able to save time, get the homework done, and easily complete it. Students who struggle are often those who does not plan ahead and they get stuck.

Topic ideas related to marriage in Japan

Having an outline relies on narrowing down your topic. While doing your research, you should pick a part of something you are reading. If you are unsure if your idea follows the expectations of your teacher, you can ask them for approval of your topic.

Here are some other tips for writing your essay that you can use:

  • Present both sides of your argument in the introduction so that the reader can orient themselves in the context of your topic

  • State your perspective on the issue at hand in a thesis sentence, to summarize your entire argument into a single sentence

  • Stick to one idea or thought per paragraph so that your research will be organized and you can smoothly transition between ideas in the next paragraphs

  • As for your conclusion, you need to repeat everything you just said, in a concise format for the reader to remember what they read

  • Make sure to cite all of your sources properly, according to the style your teacher requires for this assignment

Writing about a different culture from your own can be fascinating, because we get to see how human beings live when they grow up in a different location. It is not just geography or climate that affects how people behave, but how children are taught and the example of the people around them. Most countries have marriage traditions that draw from things they consider important or symbolic.