List Of Compelling Compare And Contrast Essay Topics Related To Religion

A compare and contrast essay is an interesting school task where the goal of the author is to determine similarities and differences between two or more subjects. If you study religion, you may be asked to compose a compare and contrast project related to this field. If you cannot come up with a good topic for your academic work, you may select an idea from the list below.

Ideas for a Compare and Contrast Essay on Religion

  1. Creation of the world.
  2. Take two different religions and compare their myths about how the world that we live in was created.

  3. Afterlife.
  4. Different religions have different opinions on where the souls of people go when they die. Compare and contrast two or more versions.

  5. Ritual sacrifices.
  6. Some religions have bloody sacrifices and some carry out much less brutal rituals. Compare two absolutely different sacrificial rituals in your paper.

  7. End of the world.
  8. Compare how two different religions treat this concept. Is there a religion that considers the end of the world just as a new beginning?

  9. Women.
  10. The treatment of women can vary greatly in different religions. Compare Judaism and Islam, for example.

  11. Confessions.
  12. The same religion can have different confessions that have their own features. You may analyze and compare Catholicism and Protestantism, for example.

  13. Ancient religions.
  14. Compare two old religions that don’t have any followers nowadays. Do they have anything in common or they’re absolutely different?

  15. Abortion.
  16. Analyze the views of two or more different religions on abortion. What are their arguments against it?

  17. Buddha and Jesus Christ.
  18. These are two great religious figures. Analyze their lives and find distinctions and affinities of these characters.

  19. Bible and Qur’an.
  20. These books have a great influence on countless believers. Are the messages of these sources are similar or different?

Writing Tips for a Compare and Contrast Essay

The key element of a good paper is thorough research of subjects that will be compared to each other. To provide your readers with interesting and useful information, you should learn as much as you can about your topic. You may need to read different books and articles, and even watch some documentaries. If it’s difficult for you to find good sources to base your study upon, consult your teacher. They should provide you with valuable advice.

Plan the structure of your essay in advance in order to present your comparisons in a clear and understandable manner.