Prompts For Writing An Essay About African American History

African American history is rich and presents a lot of ideas you can explore in an essay. It covers art, religion, music, struggles, economic activities, social life, etc. Choosing a good topic is crucial in making your work interesting to both write and read. Here are fresh ideas to consider for a paper in African American history.

  1. Were the goals of the African Americans struggle ever achieved?
  2. Major figures in the African American history
  3. The best artists among African Americans
  4. Changes in social status for the African Americans
  5. Changes in economic status of the African American
  6. Political influence of African Americans over time
  7. Events that changed the lives of African Americans
  8. Legislations that altered the history of African Americans
  9. Treatment of African Americans from one state to the other
  10. Religious activities that are unique to African Americans
  11. Employment history of the African American population
  12. Contribution of African Americans in science
  13. The role played by African Americans in space
  14. The place of African Americans in sports
  15. Changes witnessed among the African American population as a result of a black president

It is not enough to choose a title or topic for your paper. A good essay requires more than an interesting topic. Consider the following steps to make your work interesting.

  • Brainstorm on the idea
  • A single topic opens up numerous ideas you can write on. However, the length of your paper does not allow you to cover everything. Brainstorming allows you to list all the points and later select the ones that will go into the paper. Pick the strong ones that will support your perspective on the subject.

  • Research
  • History primarily relies on facts other than opinions. To capture these facts, you must read as wide as possible. Consider watching documentaries that are prepared by reputable persons and institutions. Read beyond history books including religious and art materials. This gives you a broader understanding of the subject.

  • Draft
  • Make your first draft using the ideas generated during brainstorming. Ensure that your points are orderly with the strongest appearing at the beginning. It makes your work compelling to read. Merge or split points depending on their strength.

During planning, ensure that you have enough time before submitting the essay to edit and proofread. This exercise gets rid of errors like grammar and typing that would affect the quality of your work. You are at liberty to involve a professional editor.