How To Pick An Outstanding Topic For Your Essay On Social Media 

Social media is an integral part of our life. This industry is constantly developing and becoming more sophisticated and attractive day by day. Nowadays, social networking sites are used not only for communication but also for a variety of other purposes. Taking this into account, it isn’t surprising anymore that the majority of the Internet users cannot imagine themselves without their social media profiles, contacts, and news. Whatever your attitude towards social media is, you definitely have something to tell on the topic, and writing an essay is a great chance to do so.

Selecting a Topic

  • Take an issue you are interested in.
  • Undoubtedly, you have some experience of using social media. Did you encounter any difficulties? Were there any problems that impressed or challenged you? Are you embarrassed by something? Be honest and choose an issue that makes you worry or interests you the most. If you are passionate about the topic, it will make the task of crafting your essay easier.

  • Narrow your topic down.
  • Make sure that your topic isn’t too broad because you’ll need to completely cover it in your paper. For example, you may explore one specific application of social media (like, the Internet forums, blogs, social networks, podcasts, pictures, video, rating etc.) instead of writing about general things.

  • Check if your topic is manageable.
  • Once you have chosen a topic for your essay on social media, do a quick research on it. This strategy will help you see if there is enough evidence supporting your thesis. If there are relevant facts, statistics, and examples reflecting your viewpoint, it won’t be difficult to craft a well-reasoned paper on the topic.

A List of Compelling Essay Topics to Choose From

  • The role of social media in business communication.
  • Social networking versus relations in real life: the impact of social media on interpersonal communication.
  • The use of social media in schools: advantages and disadvantages.
  • Social media bullying: reasons and solutions.
  • Censorship on social media sites: a necessary tool or an infringement of human rights?
  • The role of social media in spreading radical views.
  • The risks of holding accounts on social networking sites by famous people, celebrities, and world leaders.
  • Attitudes towards social media in the workplace.
  • Social media as a marketing tool.
  • Effectiveness of advertising on social networking sites.
  • The use of social media in religion.
  • The impact of social media on teenagers.
  • Privacy versus publicity on social networking sites: setting reasonable limits.
  • The use of social media in academic research.