Writing A Great Compare And Contrast Essay On McDonald’s vs. Burger King

McDonald’s vs. Burger King. That is the battle royale. They are perfect subjects for a compare and contrast essay and we will show you why.

Before we begin, let’s reiterate what type of essay this is. In a compare and contrast essay, we take two similar subjects and discuss their similarities and differences. With that in mind, it is easy to see why these two burger giants are the ideal subjects for such an essay. They are in a similar sort of business but have got to where they are today via two completely different paths.

Here is how to go about writing this essay.

  1. 1. The topic
  2. The basic premise of the topic has been chosen for you. Writing out the topic as “Compare and Contrast Essay on McDonald’s vs. Burger King” is completely fine. But you will also agree that it is a drab topic. Reword it, add some controversy, declare one better than the other and write a topic that will draw in the reader.

  3. 2. Thesis Statement
  4. Drawing on your chosen topic, introduce a thesis statement. This will ideally be included in the introductory paragraph. Again, controversy works best. The job of the thesis statement is to provide you with a platform to write about. It also has the extremely important job of ensuring the audience’s attention so that they read on.

  5. 3. Research
  6. Find the similarities and differences between the two burger giants and note them down. What kind of food do they serve? Are their burgers produced through a similar process? What are the advantages or disadvantages of frying burgers on a hot plate versus grilling them? What about the fries, sourcing of potatoes and cooking methods? What role has the double arched “M” played in the success of McDonald’s? What role has Burger King’s branding played in its success? Are there countries around the world where one of the chains is dominant? Why?

  7. 4. Create an Outline
  8. With the information gathered through your research, create an outline. Be organized. In the outline, make sure you suggest a single paragraph for each similarity and each difference. Make room for conclusions.

  9. 5. Write
  10. Following your detailed outline, start writing. Introduce concisely and make sure it sounds interesting. First discuss the similarities, then differences. Then conclude with your arguments and why you have chosen your particular thesis statement. Congrats, you have just finished your essay.