Writing A Solid Comparative Essay On V For Vendetta

Essay writing is one of the many practical and necessary skills students learn at school both in middle school and in tertiary instructions. With different types of essay to write on such as compare and contract, informative, persuasive and narrative essays, students need to be skilled in many different ways. The reason for this is because essay writing is multifaceted and the skills needed to partake on any given type are not withstanding varied. If you were to write on vengeance, one of the things that will come to the fore is some opposing forces at play but the question is; how are you supposed to go about it. Well, V for vendetta is a popular movie based on the theme of revenge and when tasked to do a literary piece of this nature, a lot would come into play. In the movie whose popularity is based on the struggle between an oppressive government and helpless citizens, V who is a protagonist character having escaped death after a lethal injection by government operatives goes out to revenge. In the undertaking of vengeful activities, V kills top security officers, government operative and even goes ahead to burn important government building. These are done to display to the public, the rot that thrives in a government that takes care of the interests of a few powerful people. Briefly as illustrated, if you were to do a compare contract essay, the following guidelines would be important.

  • Identifying the basis for comparison
  • Comparison must take place only if there are two things at play. In the V for Vendetta movie, some aspects that would definitely herald comparison are the lives of common citizens and top government officials. In so doing, a write should espouse to prospective readers the reality behind the scenes where a lot of rot such as corruption is taking place at the expense of poor citizenry. This would be your basis for comparison upon which you can begin to build on the theme of revenge.

  • Outline similarities and differences
  • In comparing your key prospects, it would be imperative to show the similarities and differences both sides portray against each other.

  • Development of thesis based on the central issue between similarities and differences
  • In the V for Vendetta, movie, revenge is particularly key and this is what can formulate your main theme or thesis statement.

  • The development of essay format
  • These should then be followed by development of a comprehensive essay format to guide your writing.