Easy IB Extended Essay Topics: 20 Original Ideas To Consider

There are myriad of students who opt for biology for their extended essay topic. Usually, the students can choose any topic of their choice for their extended essay, but in case, they opt for the subject biology, they have to work really hard. Here are some ideas to consider for extended essay topics:

  1. 1. An analysis of the examination of the implication of the low-order chromatin structure on prokaryotic cells
  2. 2. A study of nationalist policies in the former USSR during the 1960s
  3. 3. A comparative analysis of the breeding practices of farm grown salmon and saltwater salmon in Canada
  4. 4. A study of the relationship between consumer price index and wholesale price index in India between 1990 and 2015
  5. 5. An investigation into the study of the link between the wavelengths of light produced by celestial objects with differing chemical composition and the development of cosmology
  6. 6. An examination of the analysis of the influence of the deregulation of the short distance cell phone market in the inter continental telecommunication industry
  7. 7. A study into the rightful claim of the land between Israel and Palestine from the perspective of literature
  8. 8. A study of the relationship of the theories of Freud and Jung despite their inherent differences in purporting the fundamental nature of psycho therapy
  9. 9. A comparative economic analysis of fuel prices in the Middle East and the United States of America since after the Gulf War
  10. 10. A study of the development of the brand image communication sub field as a consequence of the power an influence of the marketing industry in the context of Big Oil
  11. 11. A study of the sources of inspiration for the works of art during the Italian Renaissance as a consequence of the influence of nobility
  12. 12. A brief study of the psychological implication of the Montessori teaching techniques
  13. 13. A detailed analysis of the slave trade in the Americas during the Columbian era as a driving force for the French Revolution
  14. 14. A study of the book A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking and it’s implication on the understanding of basic principles of religious philosophy
  15. 15. An overview of the British Fleet and it’s impact in making Britain the most successful colonizer of the world
  16. 16. A study of the architecture of books from the perspective of a civil engineer
  17. 17. A study in the relation between New Classical and Classical Keynesian economic principles
  18. 18. A quantitative analysis of the nutrient present in meals in contemporary Sudan
  19. 19. A study of the driving factors that led to the creation of the Mafia in the united States
  20. 20. A study of sexual behavior of monkeys in India