Compositional Ideas For A Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

Guns are nothing more than mere tools, constructed by men to serve a purpose. That purpose often defines the way we perceive guns and guns do not create their own purpose, this is done by its wielders. There are many controversial issues surrounding the desire for gun control and many rights are lined up to be violated, depending on the outcome of current discussions.

When composing an essay, a good author selects their topic carefully because they are well aware of how impacting topic selection can be. Try to find ideas that satisfy both your interests as well as your understanding. This is just one of many elements to consider when writing any paper. The following is a list of compositional ideas to help you write an essay on gun control:

  1. Why guns are not the problem that needs to be solved.
  2. It is quite easy to blame guns as the leading cause of violent crimes around the world, yet, this may not necessarily be true. While it is a fact that guns possess the power to end a person’s life, a power that can be wielded by just about anyone, it is ultimately human decision that pulls the trigger.

  3. How we can change society so guns are no threat
  4. Given the ability of humans to advance and evolve, it is not hard to envision a society with guns, where guns are not being hailed as the main enemy of life. With proper training, education and care, we can build societies that suffer no threat from the existence of these tools.

  5. The real reason why people kill others
  6. If guns did not exist, people would still find ways of doing harm to others, as they have in the past. This clearly shows that while guns do make killing much easier, they are not the real cause of these crimes against life. Instead , we should focus more on the human element of this situation.

  7. A world without guns
  8. A world without guns would be drastically different from what people may think, quite possibly, the human race would be plunged back into the time of basic survival. A time where your physical capabilities determine your success in life.

  9. A necessary evil
  10. Despite being a tool used to cause injuries, guns are needed to maintain the balance of force between peoples of different strengths. As a species, we have to find ways of dealing with out own issues and not try to blame inanimate objects instead.