A List Of Interesting Essay Topics About The Crucible

The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, takes a moment in history, and delivers it in play form. The Salem Witch Trials come to life as you see the events unfold. This play has become a staple of 11th grade American English and History. You will probably read, study, and write a paper on the drama. If you are given the opportunity to pick your own essay topic, use our list of interesting The Crucible essay topics.

Essay Topics

  • Explore the characters or do a compare and a contrast of one of the characters such as Abigail or Mary.

  • You could write a piece on how the setting of Salem helps to create the conflicts among the young girls and the possibility of being witches.

  • In history, as the trials began to touch the more affluent citizens, the trials decreased and the matter declined. Write a paper on how social status impacted the trials.

  • Some critics say that Miller is making a statement about hypocrites in the play. Write an interesting essay on this concept.

  • The concept of social disorder and what it takes to restore it in Salem would make for an interesting piece.

  • Another interesting topic could be an analyzing of the symbols that existed in the play.

  • There are many opposites in the story. Use them to create a comapre and contrast paper.

  • Compare the McCarthy witch hunt (the play was written at this time) to the Salem witch-hunt.

  • Your interesting essay topic could be on rumors and how they impact society.

  • Another good idea on the list is to compare the tools used in the play to deliver the message.

  • Compare the true historical moment to the events in the play.

  • Is The Crucible a tragedy? Make sure to mention all the requirements of what makes a piece a tragedy and if The Crucible meets all the criteria.

  • Power is a great thing to have, or is it really? Explore how power plays a role in this Miller play.

  • Compare two of Miller’s plays, such as Death of a Salesman and compare it to The Crucible.

Any of the topics on the list would make an interesting essay on The Crucible. The play tells of an interesting time period in American history and could be taught in English or American History class. If given a paper tow rite, use our comprehensive title list.