15 Controversial Ideas For An Essay About Technology Making Life Easier

You have been assigned to write an essay about technology making life easier and even though you know the role of technology in our everyday lives, you are yet to come up with a good topic. It cannot be denied that with the help of technology, everyday living has become easier and better. Not only has the devices become smaller, they have also become more efficient. Formerly we depended on large computers to carry out certain tasks but this time, those tasks can be performed with handheld mobile devices.

This article contains a list of 15 controversial ideas for an essay about technology making life easier. You have several options and as such, it is either you work directly with the listed topics or you let them inspire your choice of topics. The topics are as follows:

  • Fuel-efficient cars – A look at the many advantages
  • Living in a technological world – Analysis of the long term positive effects
  • Technological devices – Helping children grow up smarter and faster
  • The use of social media – A look at how it has helped people reunite with loved ones
  • A look at the most important technologies that has continued to make the world better
  • Technological advancements that has shaped the future of academics
  • The use of mobile devices – A technology that has made communication better and faster
  • The internet – A look at its positive impacts on busy career women and men
  • A critical analysis of the positive impact of technological globalization
  • Digital learning and academic institutions – A look at how education is changing
  • Digital technologies – Understanding how to better utilize them at work places
  • The yet-to-be addressed positive effects of new technology development
  • Tracking devices – A look at how much lives it has saved since inception
  • The use of video games – Understanding how to use them to a family’s positive advantage
  • Use of technology in the health sector – An analysis of the advancements

Although there have been arguments on the advantages and disadvantages of technology, through your paper, you can write an interesting essay about technology making life easier. Any of the topics listed above can make a good argument, especially if you carry out your researches through reputable sources, both offline and online. You should also go through previously written papers to get ideas on how to properly format and structure your paper.