Effect Of Internet Usage On Society

The penetration of internet usage has been growing at a steady speed in past few years. This is a result of an explosion in wireless communication. Many governments have invested a lot in making the internet available and easily accessible. There is better penetration, increased bandwidth, efficiency, and price. Both the people and companies appreciate the advancement and technological change. The internet is, therefore, much used than in the past few years. Devices like phones are readily available. The issue now lies on the effects of internet usage on the society. It has both the advantages and disadvantages. The media reports that internet overuse leads to isolation, withdrawal, and alienation. This may not be necessarily true. Internet use has been in the spotlight for increasing sociability, engagement and the intensity of friendship and family relations. However, this does not rule out any otherwise effects.

Network society

Internet usage has led to the development of many social media forums that enable people to communicate and maintain friends. Examples of such platforms include whatsApp and Facebook. Facebook, for instance, was created as a means of communication within the university. With time, the app became more popular. Now with internet penetration, groups of people can be able to keep in touch through Facebook. The emergence of WhatsAPP makes it easy for people to communicate, share videos and pictures in an easy way. People have created networking systems that ease communication. It is now easy to exchange information and news with a group of persons. This has also made it easy to do business. With the created social networks, you can post an advert, and it will reach very many people at a cheap cost and within a short time. Networks systems also make it easy to look for jobs. Because of the social media, the number of internet users has doubled from what it was in 2007.

Breaking Families

With internet penetration, many people have lost the family connection. People will spend a lot of time on their phones and laptops. Others will carry work from the office to home. Worse is that you can be emailed at any time to take care of some office work. This deprives family time. Spouses also use the internet to track their partners. This has led to broken families. Issues of trust have increased because of internet use. Also, the internet makes a lot of information available. Children can access some content that is not fit. The internet has therefore played a role in ruining morals.