Writing A Strong Reflective Essay: Great Instructions From An Expert

A reflective essay is built of nonfiction material. You will think of a moment, event, movie, book or something you personally experienced. Then you reflect on that moment in essay form. The moment usually teaches you a lesson or reveals a secret to you. It can be really huge or super tiny. Use these tips for a strong reflective essay:


  • - Follow the teacher’s instructions-make sure you closely follow the teacher instructions concerning the length, due date, and style format. If you do not understand any part of the instructions, make sure to ask questions.
  • - Pick your topic-as you pick the topic ask yourself a few questions-how did this incident make me feel, what lesson did I learn, what was my initial mistake, how did I change from this, did the reading impact me, what could I have changed or done differently, or what emotions surround this incident. Asking these questions will help you to find the perfect topic for the paper.
  • - Create your thesis-now you need to create a thesis. It will be a bit different than a more academic statement. You can relax a bit about set main points and research for evidence.
  • - Outline-the outline may also be less detailed. But go ahead and create one just to keep you focused.
  • - Rough draft-write the rough draft and do not be afraid to make changes as you write. You may need to remove, add, or simply change the wording of some sections of your piece.
  • - Edit-if you do not feel qualified to edit your paper then you can ask a peer to help you, get aid from a family member, or even hire a professional writing company in order to get the needed help. Never be afraid to ask for help.
  • - Final-Once the paper has been proofed you can go ahead and write the final. Make sure to follow all of the teacher instructions, turn it in on time, and turn in all other requested supplemental materials such as your outline.
  • - Sample topics-my most embarrassing moment, how I learned to laugh at myself, a novel that changed my life, stepping backwards to move ahead, my past does not define me, or a lesson my mother taught me

The next time you are assigned a reflective essay, you can relax about completing it. Simply use our handy guide for writing an A-Grade paper.