Looking For Strong Argumentative Essay Topics

There are several ways to go about an argumentative essay. But before looking at the things that make an argumentative paper interesting. If you have been given the job of writing an argumentative piece, you should first make an honest attempt at understanding what an argumentative essay actually is. An argumentative essay seeks to highlight the untreated, and often unknown versions in a narrative. You will have to excel at the daunting task of shifting back and forth while contemplating the different narratives.

Where shall you begin?

The answer to the question is pretty obvious. You will have to start looking for the topic of the essay before you do anything else. One of the most important aspects here is that you look for topics that are not only engaging, but are also strong enough to capture attention of readers. Here are a few things that would help you determine the strength of the topic.

What is the relevance of the topic to masses?

Sample the case of nanotechnology here. The prospect holds enormous potential. While the masses might not be particularly interested about it, it holds mass relevance for them and for the generations that are to come. Similar is the case with something like 3D printing. In this case, there is already a great deal of enthusiasm in people and many among us are looking forward to the enormity of applications held in the labyrinth of the technology.

How effective can your views be?

It is one thing to choose a decent topic and completely another to be able to do justice with it. There have been many essays where scholars have chosen decent topics, but have not been able to cater to them honestly.

In this context, it would be wise to see at first if the topic belongs to your own domain. If it is out of your domain, see if you hold enough arguments for or against the notion.

Some sample topics of a strong argumentative essay

  • Japan and Germany or the Allied Forces: Who is to blame more for the World War II?
  • 3D Printing: Will it really be as effective as its pioneers argue?
  • LGBT Legalization: is it high time we gave more freedom to individual preferences
  • Can world peace be possible with the presence of the global nuclear arsenal?
  • Will Israel be the bone of contention in the next World War?
  • Should non-vegetarianism be declared illegal in every country of the world?