Coming Up With Impressive Topics For A Five-Paragraph Essay

Topic selection might be the most challenging part of writing a great essay. It is easier to write a paper on your own ideas and compose a rough draft without sticking to a certain direction. However, it can be hard to choose a valid and unique topic that must define the overall scope of your paper and relate to the entire paper. This needs proper attention, care and planning. You cannot go ahead and write a great paper if you do not have the topic. You may be able to do this for your own practice and journals but an academic essay needs to have a valid, strong and engaging topic. Experts suggest that after choosing the right topic and creating the basic outline, more than half of your task is complete. Imagine the significance of the topic selection from the percentage it has in the overall assignment.

A five-paragraph essay means a standard format paper having three body paragraphs, one introduction and one conclusion paragraph. You need not worry because this is the general style of academic essays. The only important thing you need to remember is that the number of body paragraphs depends on the number of major arguments in your paper. You cannot use the same argument in more than one paragraph in your body of the paper. It is important that whatever topic you choose, you need to break it down into three major arguments so that you have one for each body paragraph. The other requirements for the topic include originality, preciseness, relevant, recent, valid and engaging. An original idea is automatically engaging because you present something new to your readers and they are interested in knowing more about it

Below is a list of impressive topic suggestions for students to write their own titles using these as a guide

  1. The role of finances in divorce rates and domestic violence
  2. When should a child have sex awareness to keep him safe from child abuse or teenage sex issues
  3. Can rape or child abuse effect the marriages and later healthy sex relations of the individual
  4. The purpose of Civil rights movement
  5. The assassination of Mr. John F. Kennedy
  6. Role of women in the French revolution
  7. How is Aztec military different from others in organization and structure
  8. The carbon consumption and global warming