Nuclear Pakistan

Pakistan is one of those countries in the world that has possession of nuclear weapons. It is also famous for its radicalized army or military. Pakistan became the first Islamic country to construct and test nuclear weapons in the world. Some nations view the country as a threat to security. However, Pakistan maintains peace with their allies China and the U. S. Pakistan is allegedly accused of sponsoring attacks in I ran, China and India. This has however not been proven with any evidence. The nuclear program in Pakistan was initiated in the year 1956. Pakistan assured the world that the program was guarded well, was secure and safe. However, this did not convince the world of the safety in nuclear Pakistan.

Nuclear Weapons in Pakistan

Focus in developing nuclear weapons in started in 1972 in Pakistan. The nuclear command was effective and several labs for tests had been put in place ready for the nuclear weapons project in Pakistan. The idea of developing nuclear weapons in Pakistan was because Pakistan was responding to India’s nuclear developments that they thought could be a threat. Because the project was well funded, commanded and implemented, Pakistan succeeded in development and testing of nuclear weapons as the 7th in the world. This was a significant development for Pakistan as a nation but seemed a threat to the outside world. The fear of nuclear attacks can never be forgotten in the world after what happen in Japan as a result of nuclear attacks.

Factors that Led to Development of Nuclear Weapons in Pakistan

Several factors motivated Pakistan into going the nuclear. The lost battle after the Indo-Pakistan war is one of these factors. This war of 1971 led to the loss of land and citizens by Pakistan. Pakistan thus lost economic, geopolitical and strategic influence in South Asia. The other reason is the failure of China and the U.S to support Pakistan. The fact that the two allies of Pakistan did not offer them any support led to isolation. The feeling of isolation motivated Pakistan to go nuclear. Isolation of Pakistan made a sense of danger and Pakistan thought that it was better to go nuclear and rely on itself as a nation. The development of nuclear weapons in Pakistan felt like more preparedness for the nation. Pakistan had thus developed nuclear weapons and this gave them a feeling of being safe and not threatened.