Love In The Time Of Cholera

Love in the Time of Cholera is a novel written by the Colombian Nobel Laureate, Gabriel Garcia Márquez, in 1985. It was published by Oveja Negra in Spanish and later translated into English by Alfred A. Knopf in 1988. The original title of the novel was El amor en los tiempos del cὀlera which translated into English means Love in the Time of Cholera. An English language movie adaptation of the novel was made in 2007.

Florentino and Fermina Falls in Love and then Parted Ways

Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza meet and fall in love in their youthful age. It was a relationship secretly facilitated by Fermina’s Aunt, Escolástica. Their relationship is secretly carried out by exchanging letters to escape Fermina’s father’s attention. However, once Fermina’s father got to know about the relationship, he tries to force her to end the relationship. When she refused his coercion, Fermina’s father decides to terminate the relationship by relocating the family to another city, moving in with his late wife’s family. In spite of this forced separation, both lovers continued to communicate through telegraph. However, when Fermina finally returns to the city, she discovers that she and Florentino are virtually strangers to each other which prompts her to break off the relationship and return all his letters.

Fermina met and Married Dr. Juvenal Urbino

This set the stage for her father to influence her eventual choice of a husband in Dr. Juvenal Urbino. Dr. Urbino meets and falls in love with Fermina and tries to woo her but she doesn’t like him; however, her father persuades her to accept and marry him. Dr. Urbino is a medical doctor and an accomplished national hero whose life is exemplary of order, modernity and progress and he had dedicated his life to the eradication of cholera in his nation. Notwithstanding, Fermina’s engagement and marriage to Dr. Urbino, Florentino vows to remain faithful to her but succumbs to promiscuity by engaging in sexual relationships with many women.

The death of Urbino and Florentino’s second Chance

After several decades of marriage, Dr. Urbino loses his life when he falls from a tree while trying to retrieve his pet parrot. Not long after the funeral, Florentino proclaims his love and fidelity to Fermina. Initially, she hesitated because of his advances to a recently widowed woman but eventually decides to give him another chance. Since they had lived separate lives for about fifty years, they attempt to live a shared life in marriage. The book uses the narrative technique to achieve several literary effects such as seduction and deconstruction as well as portraying love as a disease, emotional and physical.