Selecting A Fresh

The choice of a topic for an essay is an important step that should not be underestimated. If you choose a bad topic, your paper will lose a lot in quality and deepness. Besides that, you will be upturned due to the fact that you have to waste your time on things that are not interesting or pleasant to you.

Below, you will find several tips on choosing the best topic for an essay on Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations and a good essay, in general.

Principles of Choosing a Good Topic

  • Determine the type of your future paper and make sure that you know what is expected from you within this format. For example, if you need to write a literature analysis paper, its goal and the methods of researching will be completely different from the ones for an argumentative project, etc.

  • If you are suggested a list of topics, look through them and give preference to the ones that seem to be interesting to you. Even if you cannot find such ones, at first, try to think how you can turn an uninteresting topic into a better one.

  • If you are told to create a topic on your own, look through reference literature, search for offers on the Internet, or take a look at similar projects that are stored in libraries. They will definitely help you find an idea that you will like.

  • Among the found ideas, determine what you definitely don’t like and what doesn’t make you interested. It will help you narrow down the number of available topics and areas of researching.

  • Choose a topic that is rarely encountered. It will make your essay unique and interesting. However, make sure that you have enough reference material to support your opinion and any of the statements that you make, whatever it is.

Samples of Topics

Below, you can find several samples of suggested Great Expectations topics. You can either use them as they are or develop your own ideas out of this base.

  1. The theme of social stratification in the center of the novel.

  2. Observe the way Pip’s nature and characteristic features are revealed with the development of the plot.

  3. What is Pip’s greatest expectation?

  4. Is Miss Havisham a true to life character? Isn’t her portrait hyperbolized?

  5. Explain the meaning of the two official endings of the novel: the one, in which Pip and Estella meet each other as friends, and the one, in which they encounter each other in the street and walk separate ways.