Factors To Consider In Choosing Essay Topics About Exotic Fruit

Exotic fruits are a group of fruits that hail from strange lands, usually not native to your area or anywhere near it. Indeed, fruits that you consider exotic may hail from a land that consider fruits you have growing in your back yard, to be exotic. Simply put, an exotic fruit is one from a foreign location to your own and depend entirely on where you are from.

To write an essay on exotic fruits, is no different from writing about any other topic really, except for the fact that you may have to do some research. When writing any composition, there are several factors that you must include and these can be applied to exotic fruits as well. The following short points will provide you with the important factors to consider when choosing essay topics about exotic fruits:

  1. Your location
  2. Your location basically determines the fruits that will be considered exotic and is a very important factor when considering this topic. Give your readers an idea of your immediate surroundings, as well as the fruits that are native to your area. It is quite likely that your native fruits are considered exotic in the places your perceived exotic fruits originate from.

  3. Access to products from different countries
  4. Sometimes, factors other than distance can affect the availability of a fruit, for example, the modes of transport available or the time taken to arrive. These do not qualify a fruit as exotic, but rather, just inaccessible.

  5. Regulations against trade of certain crops
  6. What are the laws in your area about importing foreign fruits? This matters considerably since, if a fruit is hard to access or out right illegal, this will often qualify it as “exotic” even though it can be cultivated locally.

  7. A theme
  8. Every story deserves a theme and every reader loves a good one. Find ways of including some form of deeper meaning in your story, even if it comes from a shallow place. For example, apples could be loved because its the red that signifies the redness of a woman’s lips.

  9. What exotic fruits mean to you
  10. How does the existence of exotic fruits affect your life? Do you have any connection to these fruits or are they just another item to you?

  11. You final opinion of the matter
  12. After conducting the research required to compose this piece, have your opinions of exotic fruits been affected? Share your final thoughts with your readers.