The 18 Most Interesting Narrative Descriptive Essay Topics About Cities

You are probably still wondering how on earth is it that narrative descriptive essays would be in such high demand by the students of many academic institutions today. Some philosophers ponder that maybe this is a way of slowly nurturing comfort in the hearts of people. Comfort them to the point that they naturally accept the city life and may decide never to venture outside this system for anything. However preposterous this story sounds there is not much one can do to verify whether or not the story is true unless someone belonging to the association blows the whistle and provides tangible evidence.

Please attempt these essay topics relating to cities in order to learn more about the construction industry and for general knowledge about legislation and economics. Be sure to find out what resources are available for you to use before imploring any of the following titles.

  1. Cities are the new hub for trade and community development.
  2. Write on the process of landscaping a natural area into a bustling city.
  3. Describe the methods and techniques used by the construction companies of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
  4. Should cities be designed in a manner that retains a significant percent of the natural wilderness?
  5. Can you see yourself living a nomads life somewhere in nature without the comforts of a town?
  6. Touch on the technique of having greenery planted on all rooftops and how it decreases the overall temperature of a city.
  7. State your likes and dislikes regarding the way in which much of the raw materials used in city building is collected.
  8. Use special examples to show how houses built with mud and dung are done.
  9. Show how important wood was in early versions of towns.
  10. Write on the different methods the indigenous people of South America survived through their pyramids and catacombs.
  11. Can river cities like Venice and the others within the vicinity be maintained or reinforced for longevity?
  12. Describe the processes that may have been used to create the famous pyramids and large animal shaped buildings.
  13. How practical is it to implement Singapore’s city design throughout the entire world?
  14. By explaining the initial services that cities offered thousands of years ago, show how far it has changed.
  15. Use references to prove that certain community establishments are in fact not a real city.
  16. Has the local construction agencies of a nation benefited substantially during the last economic boom in America?
  17. Does renting considerably stifle many peoples dreams and aspirations?
  18. Talk extensively about the good and bad ideas world governments have implemented to curb homelessness.