How To Pick Argumentative Essay Topics Quickly: Tips & Examples

Are you worried because you want to write a winning assignment to impress your teachers? Do you want to come up with unique and fresh ideas for your academic papers? Do you think that the topic selection is taking longer that you expected? Do you have lesser time to submit this paper and you have not even started yet? Do you think you need to speed up your process of choosing a topic somehow? Do you face issues in selecting fresh ideas because someone else already uses them? Do you want to learn some expert tips to write a great topic in no time?

It can be demanding to choose a unique, fresh and valid argumentative topic for your assignments. The problem is that you to should choose an arguable title to build an argumentative paper. You cannot base your paper on a topic that is not arguable. It is important for you to develop a stance of something that you can convince your readers to.

Many of your readers will disagree to your ideas so you need to refute the other side of the topic in your paper as well. If you say that religion encourages gender oppression, then you should also refute with facts in your paper that how it does not encourage gender oppression.

An argumentative topic must allow flexibility for explaining the why in the topic. If you choose to write about banning alcohols among teens, you should also explain why this is important and how will it be effective

Remember to develop an understanding of your subject and address a niche that has a potential gap. You do not have to write about old or obsolete topics that everyone is already familiar with

Topic suggestions for an argumentative paper

Below are few examples of good topics for an argumentative essay. You do not have to use them as is but you can take help from these suggestions to write your own

  1. 1. Relationships get stronger when in a crisis
  2. 2. Friends are only meant for good times
  3. 3. We are living in a sex oriented society
  4. 4. High schools should be co-education to motivate and encourage students to perform better
  5. 5. Exposure counts more than education
  6. 6. Practical life begins when you start managing your own expenses and are independent
  7. 7. Females should be financially independent as their counter parts