Top 40 Original Medical Essay Topics To Choose From

It is definitely a tough call to write an essay on medical sciences and related topics because you need fresh and valid ideas. If you are having a hard time in creating a great topic for your paper, then you should consider the following suggestions.

  1. Liver failure and liver dialysis
  2. Kidney, location, function, and anatomy
  3. Skin allergies, types, and causes
  4. Remedies of hair fall
  5. Constipation is the mother of all diseases. Discuss
  6. Weight loss, exercises, and diet plan
  7. What is Down’s syndrome? Discuss causes and diagnosis
  8. Phobias and fears: Kinds and treatment
  9. What is cancer? List down the common types of cancer
  10. Eczema in babies
  11. Skin care, ten things to avoid getting cancer
  12. Effect of Birth control pills during lactation
  13. First aid for burns, a guide
  14. Common eye disorders
  15. Five things about Diabetes type 2
  16. Relation of chocolates and Heart attack? Can eating chocolate prevent sudden cardiac arrest?
  17. Menopause and osteoporosis
  18. Function of small intestine
  19. Migraine in small kids
  20. Process of digestion
  21. Rash
  22. Blood plasma
  23. What is multiple sclerosis? and how to treat it
  24. What is relationship between high protein diets and weight loss
  25. How do doctor’s come up with the medications for chronic diseases
  26. Should health be a public good or private
  27. Why are treatments and medicine so expensive that poor people cannot afford them
  28. What type of food is best for a healthy life, vegetarian, non-vegetarian or both
  29. How does junk food effect our mental and physical health
  30. What is the best way to fight sugar
  31. Why do certain religious practices involve fasting and whats the medical rationale behind it
  32. How to overcome the problems faced by mental health patients and improve their treatment
  33. Should nurses receive a higher wage than what they are earning
  34. What are the symptoms of polio virus activation and how did it start
  35. Birth control methods, are they really safe
  36. How to make sure your kid does not develop rickets?
  37. What are the best solutions to cure sciatica pain
  38. How to make sure you are pursuing the right degree in medical sciences
  39. Experimentation on animals for creating medicines for human diseases
  40. Why does hemoglobin level fall or rise