List of Outstanding High School Essay Topics: Excellent Suggestions

High school is a place, where we not only learn our subjects, but also learn life as it is. Many social problems happen for the first time in high school, making students uncomfortable. Sometimes they may require assistance to deal with these problems. Maybe their thoughts are just needed to be spoken out loud.

Writing essays can help a student to develop critical thinking and analytical skills, which are often required in our everyday life. Searching for material for some types of essays can teach a student the basics of the research process. Thus, writing essays is a valuable tool in high school education. Here are some topics about both social and scientific aspects of high school learning.

  1. Is fashion important in everyday life?
  2. Should students should be allowed to grade their teachers?
  3. What is the effect of the death penalty?
  4. Should we replace paper textbooks with laptops or tablets?
  5. If you had a chance to become a famous person, what would your choice be, and why?
  6. Discipline in high school: what is a sufficient amount of control?
  7. What is your opinion on relationships in high school, and do they affect the students’ progress?
  8. Describe a book that changed your life.
  9. What would you like to suggest to your school?
  10. Why is education important nowadays?
  11. How does playing computer games affect students’ progress?
  12. What subject would interest a high school student?
  13. What are the benefits of sport in our life?
  14. Your personal view on humanity’s future.
  15. Should education be individually customized?
  16. What do you think are the most important inventions in the last hundred years?
  17. Early pregnancies: express your opinion on the matter.
  18. Express some thoughts on how to acknowledge failure.
  19. How can you get through being let down by a friend?
  20. What is your opinion on cybersport?
  21. How can a person survive extreme conditions without a nervous breakdown?
  22. How does our diet influence our daily performance?
  23. What rights do you have as a high school student, and how can they be exercised?
  24. What are the pros and cons of school uniform?
  25. Does reading fiction develop our thinking and imagination?
  26. Do you think there can be circumstances when a student has to ask a psychiatrist for help?
  27. Pros and cons of being an adult.