Compositional Ideas For Writing An Essay About Animal Testing

Essays are written for various reasons. Sometimes they are written as part of the homework and assignments. They also help in improving the writing skills. You can also enhance your knowledge by writing on a specific topic.

Here are few composition ideas you can refer to for writing an essay about animal testing:

  • Animal Experimentation
  • A number of animals are killed every year with the objective of animal experimentation. There has been controversies between scientists and animal right supporters regarding whether it is right to do same.

  • Animal testing should be banned
  • Animal testing involve brutual killing of many animals each year. Hence you can write on whether animal testing should be banned or not.

  • Animal Testing is cruel
  • To begin with any product, the testing is done on animals first. Animals feel pain like us and it is really cruel. Hence animal testing should be eliminated.

  • Animal testing: Pros and cons
  • Testing on animals has contributed to being a controversial topic since a long time. The testing of animals may be both positive and negative. Rats, mice and similar animals have various genetic and psychological and hence they are killed for experimental trials. Harmful ingredients are used for experimenting with animals and thus it becomes very painful for them.

  • Disadvantages of animal testing
  • As a new product is launched, it is first tried on animals. However, animals have to undergo immense pain owing to that. The topic has been quite controversial since a long time.

  • Horrors of Animal Testing
  • Rabbits, dogs, rodents and other beloved pets become subjects for experiments and medical research. Various products are also tested on animals. As the animals undergo these experiments they are left with agony and they are given dreadful diseases without any reason.

  • Is animal testing right or wrong
  • Studies reveal that more tha ninety percent of testing that is effective on animals have no effect on human being. Notwithstanding the fact, animal testing is done constantly.

  • Say "No" to Animal Testing
  • Every year, million of animals are poisoned, burned for testing. Animals certainly deserve safety like other human being. Most of the experiments that work on animals clinically fail on human being.

  • Animal Testing is Cruelty
  • Every living being has the right to remain alive and so are animals. It is really cruel to use animals as subjects for experiments and kill them.

  • The Morality of Animal Testing in Scientific Research
  • Scientists have been using animals for long time for various experiments as their primary subject. It isnot hoowever right on the ground of morality and animals right issue.