10 Potential Topics For An Essay On How To Improve Air Quality

Improving air quality can be anything from the smallest breath of air to national air quality. Improving our quality of life has everything to do with how well the air quality is that we breathe. Any time there are improvements to be done, we need to start small and work out way up to the national level. Here are 10 potential topics for an essay on how to improve air quality:

  1. Going green – This is a very broad statement but the more recycling that is done the less trash that needs to be burned. Burning trash pollutes the air in varying degrees and can cause serious health issues.

  2. Using hybrid vehicles – This is one way to reduce emissions from cars that cause air pollution. The more vehicles that are run off of electricity, the less emissions will destroy the air we breathe.

  3. Planting more trees – This may seem small but the more trees there are in the world the more oxygen is produced. Leaves produce oxygen and also reduce the dust that is created by not having grass and roots that hold the dirt together.

  4. Using less aerosols – Everyone can do their own little part in improving air quality by using less aerosol cans that destroy our air that we breathe

  5. Reducing second hand smoke – This is big in all parts of the world. You can start in your own little corner of the world by not smoking in a car that your child may be riding in. In some parts of the world, it is illegal to smoke with a child in the car. Luckily most public places don’t allow smoking so air quality has already improved in those areas.

  6. Maintaining cars and other motor vehicles – As long as we keep our vehicles maintained, emissions and exhaust won’t destroy the air we breathe on a daily basis.

  7. Finding alternative fuels for military weapons and transportation

  8. Following environmental rules and regulations- The sooner we realize that we can all do our part, the better we will be able to breathe

  9. Constructing safer nuclear plants- One small disaster can set us back years in our air quality. Make it safer to live near these plants.

  10. In your own home you can reduce dust by keeping your own corner of the world cleaner