Seven Suggestions To Help You Write An Essay On Importance Of Leadership Skills

This couldn't be much more simpler. With only a few things in mind, you can make this article be read and liked by everyone and understood at the same time. The subject is something that most people either have or hear about everywhere these days, so they will be dying to find out more, that is, of course, if they don't already possess those skills, then it won't be anything new.

  1. The activity. A leader has some general things, but it mostly depends on what is he leading, what activity is he conducting. For example, if he is the leader of a famous sports team, he has to keep everyone trained and well prepared for the match and keep coming up with new strategies to beat their opponent. If it's the leader of a news team, it has to come up with things they have to write about, people to interview, location to visit and present and so on. Depending on the activity, you can define the leader skills much better.
  2. The team. If it's a younger, older, made up of women or men team, things are going do be different a little bit. So the people that are being lead have to feel like they are being represented by that leader, in order to respect him and follow him.
  3. Respect. This is a must for every leader. To earn respect you have to give respect, so no matter how good the leader is, he has to treat his people right in order to gain their trust. After that, they will pretty much follow him everywhere.
  4. Emphasize on the vocabulary. On the most important things for the leader is that he has to know how to present himself. He might have great ideas that everyone likes, but if he doesn't know how to express them correctly so that everyone gets the point, there will be contradictions and people will most likely disagree. You don't want them confused; you want them to know what you are about to do, and how you are going to do it, so the job gets well done.
  5. Appearance. Since the leader represents everybody, he has to look good. I am not saying be a model, just that he has to know how to dress, have a dominant posture, make himself look like he is the leader.
  6. Listening. He has to listen to his people. Period. No matter how good he is, if he doesn't do that he won't be followed forever, at some point people will see he is not who they taught he was, and will cast him aside.
  7. Present a little bit of everything. Try to explain why everything has it's an equal measure of importance in a leader. There are a lot of people who can lead, but few who can do it good.