How To Create A Good 5-Paragraph Narrative Essay On Politics

A narrative essay is the type of paper where the writer needs to use first person and present the paper in form of a story explaining his personal experiences that can paint a vivid image in the mind of the reader. This is a very interesting type of academic assignments and easier to write when you have to write about yourself. You can relate to it and help the readers find it relevant to their situation as well. The reader will feel what you feel, note that in form of good writing. If you can relate to the experience well and explain it in clear words using your five senses, then it would be very easy to understand for the reader as well.

One major thing about a narrative style paper is that it must follow a proper logical order. You should write this paper in a chronological order to make the most out of it and keep it simple for the readers. A chronological order is where you present the ideas depending on the period in a proper order. You cannot jump back and forth between the events and have to write them in an order. If you are talking about a match, you watched at the stadium, you could start with the first event where you decided to go to the match and follow it in a proper order until the end of the match or the closing ceremony in your body. You may as well start your paper with the closing ceremony and follow the right order backwards to end at the point where you decide to watch a match. You cannot write about the closing ceremony in the middle and then talk about something else that happened in the mid of the match.

A five paragraph narrative essay on politics will follow the same rules. Five paragraphs are a traditional style and comprise of the following

  1. The introduction paragraph- This is going to be the first paragraph where you present the topic you are going to write about and discuss the significance of these topics in politics according to your subject
  2. The body of your paper- It contains three body paragraphs namely first, second and third. You will write the major arguments in this section. Major arguments should also be three in number
  3. The conclusion paragraph- it is the last paragraph where you summarize your paper